Welcome to the Environmental Affairs Department

The Environmental Affairs Department was established by ordinance on June 29, 1989 to establish a capability within the City to address environmental issues in a coordinated and centralized manner. Environmental issues have increasingly become a concern in many of the activities affecting the City, its residents and businesses. These issues include the City's ability to deal with contaminated properties and hazardous wastes, and quality of life and health issues, such as the cleanliness of Santa Monica Bay, siting of solid waste handling facilities and compliance with federal, state and regional efforts to achieve clean air.

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The Air Quality Division

The Air Quality Division is assisting in the development of regional air quality plans and rules, leading Citywide efforts to increase the use of clean-fuel vehicles and bicycles in the City's fleets,  and developing cost-effective strategies to comply with air pollution reduction requirements.

Key Activities

  • Helping LA accelerate its use of clean, alternative-fuel vehicles (AFVs)

Since 1996, the city has exceeded its target of increasing its AFV fleet by 15% annually, and at the close of 2004 was operating over 2000 AFVs.

  • Working with other agencies to install alternative fueling infrastructure, such as electric vehicle chargers and compressed natural gas stations, throughout LA

The U.S. Department of Energy recognized LA for installing the most AFV refueling sites in the nation in 1998 and again in 2000. The City now has over 400 dispenser/chargers operating citywide.

  • Securing funds for, and spearheading, the deployment of mountain and electric bikes for City police, security officers, traffic control officers, park rangers, and City fire emergency responders

As of early 2001, City bike patrols had 300 officers using bicycles instead of motor vehicles, which eliminated 2.6 million vehicle miles traveled and 1,315 tons of pollution annually.   As of 2004, the bicycles now number 450 in active patrol.

  • Serving as the lead to prepare the Energy Climate Action Plan (Energy C.A.P.), part of the City's program to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases that contribute to  global warming

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