Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mayhem Studios On Judging Panel For Mediabistro's First Annual Logo Awards

It's an honor to be asked to sit on the judging panel for the First Annual Mediabistro Logo Awards. The impressive jury includes famous names, ground-breaking newcomers, and mid-level creatives who know all the factors that make and break great design, including; Calvin Lee, Mayhem Studios, Armin Vit, Underconsideration, Rob Janoff,, David Airey, and Fa’eq Al’Olaiwat, MadinaB

Mediabistro First Annual Logo Awards Contest celebrates and promotes the best in logo design. Builds buzz for your work, your firm, and your client.

Winners will be promoted to millions around the world through several websites such as Brands of the, Ads of the World,, Graphic Design Forum, Unbeige, Liquid Treat and others.

So head on over to Mediabistro's First Annual Logo Awards and submit your logos NOW!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mayhem Studios Contributes to Article: How to Find & Keep a Great Designer

Calvin Lee, of Mayhem Studios, accompanied by some of the top notch blogosphere experts on the web today; David Airey, +, Brian Lovin, Elite By Design, Jeff Finley, Go Media and Ryan Downie, answers the question of "How do I find and keep a great designer?" for

It seems like a simple question, but to other small companies the task can be daunting. Even ridiculous, unless you have 100’s of thousands of dollars to throw around - you're on your own!

Calvin Lee, of Mayhem Studios, gives his thoughts on the topic, what the client should know up front.
"As a designer, I want to be honest and upfront. Let the client know what they will be expecting in deliverables and how much the project will cost. This can be accomplished with a signed contract and a 50% deposit before starting any project, with the exact details of what the client will be receiving."

You can read the full article and discussion at Fuel Your Creativity.

About Fuel Your Creativity
Fuel Your Creativity is an open site and forum where everyone is welcome (and encouraged!) to exchange ideas and tips. It’s not just for designers either. Writers, photographers, graffitists…come one, come all. There are new posts a couple times a week and sometimes more than that. Check back often. It is our hope that you will… Find your spark.

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Adelle Charles is a Designer & Blogger who runs Fuel Your Creativity & She is an obsessive email checker and highly addicted to Starbucks. Loves to add "fuel to the fire" any chance she gets. Her dogs Chino and Jameson jot down ideas for her while she's at work. They are obviously the secret to her success.

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