Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Self-Promotion: The Press Release

Have some exciting news or completed a successful project? That's a great reason to send out a press release and a way to promote yourself, your services without sounding like a saleman. When writing a press release, go into details how your solution made the project a success.

Give credit to the client with background information about them, their company and link backs when possible. You're not only promoting your clients but also yourself. They will appreicate it.

The more press releases you have online, on the different press release websites, more likely you'll pop up in searches on search engines. Press releases is one great way to get ranked near the top of most searches. Also submit your press releases to media outlets; news wire, local/national/industry related newspapers and magazines.

There is a great article on BoDo, written by author Neil Tortorella, "Building Your Media List." The article is about building your prospects and contacts list. Simple things you can do yourself by checking local newspapers, business magazines and local book stores. Using your contact list to distribute your news and PR.

Another great resource for press coverage is Peter Shankman, owner of HARO, Help a Reporter Out™. Reporters need sources and people to contribute to their articles. When you sign up for HARO. Each day, you'll receive up to three emails, each with anywhere from 15-30 queries per email. If you see a query you can answer, go for it! It's that simple.

A few online press release resources you can submit to. Also check out the megalist of free press release websites on Blogging Secret.

+ Associated Press
+ Biz Journals
+ Fast Pitch
+ PR Compass
+ Online PR News
+ PR Leap - fee
+ PR Web - fee
+ PR For $25 - fee
+ PR Mac
+ Free Press Release
+ 24/7 Press Release
+ PR Log
+ California Press Release
+ 1888 Press Release
+ Click Press
+ Free News Release
+ I-Newswire
+ PR
+ PR 9

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mayhem Studios Contributes to Article: How to Find & Keep a Great Designer

Calvin Lee, of Mayhem Studios, accompanied by some of the top notch blogosphere experts on the web today; David Airey, Davidairey.com + Logodesignlove.com, Brian Lovin, Elite By Design, Jeff Finley, Go Media and Ryan Downie, Ryandownie.com answers the question of "How do I find and keep a great designer?" for Fuelyourcreativity.com

It seems like a simple question, but to other small companies the task can be daunting. Even ridiculous, unless you have 100’s of thousands of dollars to throw around - you're on your own!

Calvin Lee, of Mayhem Studios, gives his thoughts on the topic, what the client should know up front.
"As a designer, I want to be honest and upfront. Let the client know what they will be expecting in deliverables and how much the project will cost. This can be accomplished with a signed contract and a 50% deposit before starting any project, with the exact details of what the client will be receiving."

You can read the full article and discussion at Fuel Your Creativity.

About Fuel Your Creativity
Fuel Your Creativity is an open site and forum where everyone is welcome (and encouraged!) to exchange ideas and tips. It’s not just for designers either. Writers, photographers, graffitists…come one, come all. There are new posts a couple times a week and sometimes more than that. Check back often. It is our hope that you will… Find your spark.

About Adelle Charles
Adelle Charles is a Designer & Blogger who runs Fuel Your Creativity & AdelleCharles.com. She is an obsessive email checker and highly addicted to Starbucks. Loves to add "fuel to the fire" any chance she gets. Her dogs Chino and Jameson jot down ideas for her while she's at work. They are obviously the secret to her success.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

James Tadeo: Lunch Time Comics

I have a good friend James Tadeo, Web Developer who's been drawing little doodles of his experiences with clients during his lunch time breaks. They are quite funny since it rings true for most designers dealing with clients. I thought, it would be great to share it with you guys.

James has a whole collection of doodles and growing daily. So check out his doodles at Lunch Time Comics.

James Tadeo, Web Designer and Programmer works with design companies, ad agencies, and in-house marketing departments promote products and services by helping them to produce and plan integrated campaigns consisting of print, multimedia, and the Web. Specializing in integrating ASP or PHP server side code to add intelligent and useful functions to Web sites.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Getting the Word Out & Finding Potential Clients

Since this is the start of the new year. I thought it would be appropriate, the first post of 2007 would be about getting the word out and finding potential clients. Here are are few tips to let people know who you are, what you do and finding potenial clients.

Press Releases/E-Newsletter - Have some exciting news or completed a successful project? That's a good reason to send out a Press Release or E-Newsletter. Send the E-Newsletters to current and potenital clients. Send press releases to media outlets (on-line, local and industry related papers/magazines).

A few on-line resources to post your Press Releases.

PR Log - free
PR Leap - free
PR Web - a fee
Free Press Release - free

Blog - Start a blog, write articles. Makes you an expert in your field. Potential clients will see, you know your stuff and trust to hire you. It's all about building trust and relations.

Design Competitions - Enter your works in design competitions. International advertising if you win and get in to the book.

A few resource of design competitions.

Graphics Books
Rockport Publishers
Roto Vision
American Design Awards
Summit Awards
Communication Arts
How Design Magazine
Print Magazine

Join a Networking Social Events - Lets people know who you are and what you do.

Let friends and family know what you do - Potenial referrals from friends and family.

Ask For Referrals - Ask Friends, family, clients: current/previous, printers, paper sales reps, pre-press houses for referrals.

Volunteer - Volunteer in your community and non-profits. More about networking and building trust.

Local Papers - The local news papers, business section. Often print the names and addresses of those applying for a business licenses.

Keep Your Eyes Open - Look for new construction or businesses moving in. Get their information. A good chance they may need creative services.

Find a Niche Market - Specialize in an area of expertise that other companies may not be filling the need for.

Chamber of Commerce - Chamber of Commerce may have a list of their members info for free on-line. Joining the Chamber of Commerce is another option for networking and potential clients.

Business Cards - Bring business cards with you everywhere you go. Strike up a conversation with people when you are out.

On-Line Directories - Get listed on free and paid on-line directories.

Forums - Post on forums, design as well as business and related markets you are targeting.

Signatures - Have a signature of your contact information on all correspondence, emails and forum posts.

Marketing Websites/Blogs - Check out other marketing sites/blogs, Inside the Marketing Mind and The Marketing Mix.

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